Top 10 reasons to move your business to SAP Business One

Small to medium-sized businesses that use SAP Business One to manage key aspects of their company continue to be more efficient in their operations. This is hardly surprising. They have a unified view of the company that allows for teamwork among employees, efficiency in operations and increases in the profit margin.

The unified view that SAP Business One accords businesses guarantees success. Not very long ago, many businesses did not have the benefit of such a structure that consisted of disparate but interdependent units which formed part of a holistic system.

SAP Business One streamlines the operations of a growing business, integrating its key functions into one easy-to-find location. But how exactly does SAP Business One improve the function of each key unit?

In accounting and financial management, SAP Business One applies a business software that integrates accounting, sales and purchasing data in a way that eliminates errors and instigates more positive decision-making.

In customer relationship management (CRM), the company’s products are made more attractive to prospective customers. Effective tools that support the business’ sales, service and marketing activities are all geared towards keeping customers satisfied in order to maximise revenue.

Probably no unit is more dependent on efficiency than warehouse management. If storing and moving the company’s products results in profitability, one can only think of SAP Business One software.

Other functions that SAP Business One has streamlined are purchasing and procurement; reporting and analytics; as well as integrating business processes with company headquarters, partners, or other applications and services.

The design of SAP Business One caters specifically for small to mid-sized companies, and it helps streamline its “End-to-End operations, gaining instantaneous access to complete information and accelerate profitable growth”.